VCP Housing Society

Housing Development Program

The mandate of the Housing Development Program is to develop accessible, affordable and appropriate housing for people with CP and other disabilities within a mixed housing environment. The VCP, through its sister organization the VCP Housing Society, is working with government and the private sector to create innovative ways to develop and build this urgently needed housing. Now that the federal government, through Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, has shifted the responsibility for building social housing to the provinces and the BC Housing Management Commission has not increased the number of units it builds to correspond both with its added responsibility and the growth of BC's population, it is more incumbent than ever on the VCP to step into this vacuum.

To this end, the VCP Housing Society has constructed and manages an apartment complex in Vancouver B. C. It is also involved in other innovative housing projects in Vancouver for people with CP and other disabilities.

For further information, please call the VCP Housing Society at 604-877-0763 or write the society at #103-577 East 8th. Avenue, Vancouver B. C. V5T 1S9.

Building Description
The following is a description of the building. The Voice of the Cerebral Palsied Housing Society (VCPHS) operates a 39 unit apartment building called Richard Watson Court at 577 East 8th Avenue in Vancouver. The apartment complex is comprised of one and two bedroom units, twelve of which are wheelchair accessible. The apartment offers mixed housing whereby some tenants pay market rent and others can apply for rental subsidy.

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