CP Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cerebral Palsy?
What causes Cerebral Palsy?
What does the VCP do?
What’s it like to live with CP?

What causes Cerebral Palsy?

Any damage to the developing brain, whether caused by genetic or developmental disorders, injury or disease, may produce CP.

During Pregnancy
Anything which tends to produce a premature or low birth weight baby who is not developed enough to cope with the stresses of independent life will increase the likelihood of CP. Factors which may cause CP include:

  • Multiple births (twins or triplets)

  • Damaged placenta which may interfere with fetal growth - infections

  • Poor nutrition

  • Exposure to toxic substances, including nicotine and alcohol - Rh or A-B-O blood type incompatibility between mother and infant

  • Chromosome abnormalities

  • Biochemical genetic disorders

  • Chance malformations of the baby s brain

During Labour
A labour which is too long or too abrupt can cause damage. The baby's head may be squeezed and injured. Poor oxygen supply may destroy brain tissue.

In Early Childhood
CP can occur im a young child's brain is damaged by:

  • Infections such as meningitis

  • Brain haemorrhages

  • Head injury following falls, car accidents or abuse

  • Drowning accidents

  • Poisoning